Business Services Department

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Sylvan Union School District Business Department is to provide the financial foundation for connecting and supporting student learning.


The Business Services Department is responsible for all day-to-day and long-range business matters of the District.  We provide a myriad of services in support of K-8 schools.  Our goal is to deliver business services that support and enhance the learning environment in a responsible and cost effective manner.

Yvonne Perez

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services  

209-574-5000 ext. 233


Carol Smith

Business Support Specialist 

209-574-5000 ext. 233  email


Financial Services Department

Phone# 209-574-5000

Cheryl Phan

Director of Financial Services, ext. 213  email

Accounting Services

Holli Fox, Accountant, ext. 241  email

Leah Sidie, Account Tech, ext. 211  email

Marian Wickersham, Account Tech, ext. 212 email                        

Maintenance & Operations Department

Phone# 209-574-5685

Jason Gales, Director, ext. 237    email                                 

Jeannie Towns, Secretary, ext. 237   email

Steve Rocha, Warehouse Controller, ext. 235    email

Payroll Department

Phone# 209-574-5000
Carmen Martinez, Payroll Specialist (A-F)

ext. 259  email

Chris Kamiya, Payroll Specialist (G-N)

ext. 207  email

Sherri Brown, Payroll Specialist (O-Z)

ext. 208    email                      

Budget Documents and Financial Reports

2017-2018 Fiscal Year

    Budget Study Session Jan 31, 2017

      Board Budget Study Questions Response

        Agenda and Information

        LCAP Development Summary as of January 24, 2017

        Governor's Proposals for the 2017-2018 State Budget


2016-2017 Fiscal Year

     Second Interim Report

        Second Interim Powerpoint Presentation

        Second Interim Budget Report

        MYP 2016-2017 Second Interim

     First Interim Report        

        First Interim Budget Report and LCAP Highlights

        MYP 2016-2017 First Interim

        First Interim Report 2016-2017

        First Interim Criteria and Standards 2016-2017

        First Interim Budget and Revisions Narrative 2016-2017

     Adopted Budget

        MYP 2016-17 Adopted Budget Tool

        Adopted Budget 2016-2017

        Budget Assumptions 2016-2017


2015-2016 Fiscal Year

Audited Financial Report 2015-2016

Unaudited Actuals Financial Report 2015-2016

Educational Protection Account Expenditures

Second Interim Report 2015-2016

First Interim Budget Report Executive Summary 2015-2016

First Interim Criteria and Standards 2015-2016

First Interim Report 2015-2016

Summary of Changes 2015-2016

Adopted Budget 2015-2016

Budget Assumptions 2015-2016

Budget Criteria and Standards 2015-16

Multi-Year Projection as of September 30, 2015

Multi-Year Projection as of September 30, 2015 (excel)

Multi-Year Projection as of June 30, 2015


2014-2015 Fiscal Year

Audited Financial Report 2014-2015

Unaudited Actuals Financial Reports 2014-2015

Adopted Budget 2014-15

Budget Assumptions 2014-15

Budget Criteria and Standards 2014-15

EPA Expenditure Report 2014-2015

Multi-Year Projection as of June 30, 2014

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) 2014-2017


Food Services Department

Phone# 209-574-5607

Michael Maaske, Directorext. 209  email                     

Kathleen Rhyne, Food Service Specialist, ext. 209 email

Brenda Flores, Food Service Specialist, ext. 210 email

Transportation Department

Phone# 209-574-5685

Raychel Cupit

Supervisor of Transportation, ext. 231 email