Sylvan Educational Foundation

 Thank you volunteers, staff, students, parents and the community for attending The Annual Sylvan Educational Foundation Gourmet Breakfast and Kids Fun Run on Saturday, February 25th at Ustach Middle School. 





The Sylvan Food Services Department bike raffle winner: Aiden Muhammad


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Thank you Sylvan Food Services Department for the generous gift.



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The Sylvan Union School District is proud of the support it receives from the Sylvan Educational Foundation. The Foundation is an independent, non-profit, all volunteer organization founded in 1992 to counteract state budget cuts that stripped school districts of public funding for “educational extras.” The Sylvan Union School District prides itself on being able to provide its students with program enrichments (the arts and field trips), they deserve. Some of these programs and services are not normally financed with tax dollars. Funds are raised by donations from community & business members, various events, grants & employee/employer matching programs. Since its inception the foundation has contributed over $250,000 towards programs the District could not fund alone.  


 If you would like to volunteer to help the Foundation or would like more information, 
please contact
Velma Beck at 574-5000 ext. 202 or by email at 

Sylvan Educational Foundation

2016 Fireworks Booth

Winners are:

1st Place $500: Somerset Middle School

2nd place $250: Stockard Coffee Elementary

3rd place $100: Ustach Middle school


Thank you for your support!