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Healthy Families

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Good News About Health Coverage



  • Low-cost comprehensive health, dental and vision insurance is now available to more California families than ever before. 
  • Monthly premiums from a low of $4 per child to a maximum of $45 per family are available.
  • No copayment for preventive services and $5 for non-preventive services
  • Choice of health, dental and vision insurance plans.

Call 1-866-848-9166, Monday to Friday, 8:a.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The call is free.  Call today, your family may qualify for this low cost health coverage.


  • No-cost comprehensive health, dental and vision benefits for children.
  • No monthly premiums.
  • No copayments for any benefit.
  • Choice of health insurance plans.

Call 1-800-880-5305 (toll free) if you want information or someone to contact you.  Or go to the Healthy Families website

Click here for information on United Way assistance in learning more about health care for your children or assistance in completing the forms.

Healthy Families and Medi-Cal for Families (HF/MCF) offer comprehensive coverage for children under age 19, California resident, and family income is at or below certain levels.

Click on the Heart for an Application Form or contact United Way of Stanislaus for more information or for assistance in completing an application @ 572-2255.


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