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March 27, 2020

Dear Sylvan Families,

As you know, due to COVID-19, all schools in Stanislaus County will be closed until May 1, 2020. Sylvan District is tentatively scheduled to resume on Monday, May 4. Without school in session, we know that student schedules are disrupted and students may long for the familiar day-to-day interactions with teachers, staff, and friends. While we cannot replicate the entire school day during school closures, we are working to provide Sylvan students returning from Spring Break with nutritional meals and opportunities to continue learning. Information related to the schedule of meal delivery is available at

Sylvan’s plans for distance learning have been designed in phases that take into consideration the tools and resources we currently have available, as well as, the unique needs of each student and family we serve.

Phase I of our distance learning plan encourages students and parents/guardians to engage in meaningful online activities during the school closures. A comprehensive list of digital resources is available at Here you will also find resources for ensuring your family’s cybersafety as well as information regarding free or low-cost internet services to support your child with distance learning. With so many internet offers available within our community, we strongly encourage that families partner with a provider to facilitate their child’s participation in current and future distance learning opportunities.

Phase II of our distance learning plan includes At-Home Learning Packets that contain several weeks worth of practice exercises and review of grade-level skills that have been previously taught in the classroom. 

  • At-Home Learning Packets are optional, ungraded, and will not be returned by students once completed. 

  • Packets are available at for parents/guardians who prefer to print at home.

  • Printed, hard-copy packets will also be available for drive-through pick-up from 9:00-11:00 AM on Wednesday, April 1 and again on Friday, April 3 at each school site. 

  • The content of the packets available digitally or through pick-up are the same content and will not change during this phase. Packets available for pick-up at school sites on April 1 will be the same packets available on April 3. 

  • Parents/guardians are asked to visit the school that their child attends to pick-up packets. We kindly request that drivers and passengers remain in their vehicles. To keep families and staff healthy, we will keep contact and conversations to a minimum. 

  • Upon return to school, students will not be required to take exams on the content of At-Home Learning Packets.

  • In the coming days, you and/or your student will be contacted by your child’s teacher(s) and staff as we attempt to support students during this phase.

Phase III of our distance learning plan will include additional opportunities for your child to engage with their teacher(s) and grade-level content. This phase includes training teachers on specific tools to facilitate teaching and learning remotely.  More details of this phase will be communicated to you by mid-April. 

For students and parents/guardians that are concerned about academic progress, we remind you that maintaining emotional and physical health are first and foremost. During school closures, parents/guardians have a unique opportunity to be teachers of important life lessons such as resiliency and compassion. We look forward to partnering with our Sylvan families in new and innovative ways to ensure that academics are also undertaken.

Distance learning is a model that requires time, training, and meticulous planning. As we respond to the COVID-19 crisis, planning for distance learning requires us to move at an accelerated pace to put many pieces of a large, complex puzzle together. It also requires that we extend patience and understanding to everyone involved. This is new learning for students, teachers, and families too. I am confident that, together, we will be successful in our endeavors to provide our students with a meaningful learning experience, even if students aren’t at our sites or in our classrooms. 

For the information related to COVID-19 please visit If you have specific questions regarding distance learning, please contact the school principal at your child’s school of attendance.


Laura Granger

Laura Granger 

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services