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Board Documents

Sylvan Union School District is now using California School Boards Association (CSBA) GAMUT Online

for our current board policies, administrative regulations, and exhibits. 

To access our policy manual, please click the link below:

GAMUT Online 


Board Policy 4113.5/4213.5/4313.5: Working Remotely (Updated 5-12-2020)

Board Policy 6157: Distance Learning (Updated 5-12-2020)

Board Policy 5117: Interdistrict Attendance (Updated 3-31-2020)

Administrative Regulation 5117: Interdistrict Attendance (updated Mar 2020)

Board Policy 5116.1: Intradistrict Open Enrollment (updated 3-31-2020)

Administrative Regulation 5116.1: Intradistrict Open Enrollment (updated Mar 2020)

Board Policy 7310: Naming of Facility (updated 12-10-19)


If you have any questions, please contact Velma Silva Beck, Executive Assistant

to the Superintendent at (209) 574-5000 ext. 202 or email

School Board Documents
5/9/18 12:42 PM
4/1/20 2:00 PM
5/9/18 12:42 PM
5/9/18 12:42 PM
11/21/19 4:07 PM