Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


The mission of the Sylvan Union School District is to provide a dynamic, broad-based education that prepares each child to be a contributing member of society.


To achieve this mission, we embrace the following instructional norms as the Sylvan Union School District Vision for education:

Our Classroom environments...

  • Are physically safe, clean, and well-organized
  • Demonstrate a student centered focus 
  • Feature outstanding classroom management 
  • Are constantly monitored by teachers who demonstrate “withitness” 
  • Are positive, risk-taking environments for students and teachers
  • Feature a growth mindset and an innovative spirit
  • Feature healthy, respectful relationships contributing to a powerful sense of a 
  • Learning Community
  • Feature compassionate understanding of all students in all conditions

Our instruction consists of ...

  • Well-constructed and delivered standards-based learning goals
  • Purposeful academic vocabulary, language, and discourse 
  • Deliberate and rigorous instructional design
  • Continuous, varied, on-going assessment
  • Active, engaged participation by both teacher and students
  • Intentional collaborative work with flexible student grouping
  • Appropriate pacing, differentiating and scaffolding to meet the needs of all 
  • students
  • Research based strategies delivered by teachers who are experts in their content
  • Authentically integrated educational technology
  • Evaluation of student achievement based on multiple measures
  • Comprehensive content coupled with 21st Century skills


These values undergird our work: 

At all levels

In instruction

We are open and honest in all of our interactions

We constantly monitor, evaluate and refine our mutual work

Everyone has a voice, give and receive

Tight/loose - many avenues to accomplish our goals

We are a 21st Century organization, open and responsive to new ideas

We accept responsibility for the achievement results of our students

We proudly represent our profession in our behavior and manner in which we present ourselves

We understand that our work is vital to the development of the future generations who will become leaders in our community, state, nation, and world

We work in the context of the larger community, supporting and being supported by parents and organizations


Our students will constantly learn and achieve success at or above grade level

Our staff will constantly improve their skills