Welcome to Sylvan Union School District! 

We are excited to welcome your student to Sylvan District!

Where will my student go to school?  Students are initially assigned to an attendance area school based on where the student lives.  Use our address lookup tool and find the attendance area maps on our School Locator website.  
Can we choose a different school?  Parents or guardians may complete an IntraDistrict Transfer to apply to a different school. The open enrollment for IntraDistricts transfers is the first business day in December and ends the last business day in February.  Approval will be based on random selection, site capacity and grade level openings. The District will send notification of application status at the end of April.
How do I enroll my student for the current school year? Parents or guardians can enroll their students for the current school year online by visiting the Registration page.  You will find all the required documentation listed on this page.  
How do I pre-enroll my student for the next school year?  Parents and guardians can begin enrolling their students for the upcoming school year on the following dates.  Please visit the Registration page for more details. 
  • Incoming Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten - Aeries Online Enrollment opens on January 1 of each school year and closes the 2nd Friday in February
  • Incoming 1st through 8th Grade - Aeries Online Enrollment opens the 3rd Monday in February