Sylvan SeLECT

Sylvan District Parents, with the onset of COVID-19, you have demonstrated flexibility, dependability, and ingenuity in delivering services to our students. Your continued dedication is appreciated as we try to meet the current needs we are being presented before us. The safety of our students, staff, and community is paramount to us. In collaboration with the County Superintendent, outside superintendents, the County Public Health Officer, and Sylvan District staff, we have been working tirelessly to build procedures to assist with that mission. While our primary initiative is to support safety, we stay committed to our district’s Vision, Mission, and Values, as they are our guiding force. We appreciate you all and know that together we can address any challenge.

The Sylvan District Family Sylvan SeLECT Resources website will provide families with resources to ensure a smooth transition to our Sylvan SeLECT model.

This website will be updated as new information is provided for families.

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Parent Guide to Sylvan SeLECT Distance Learning