Mission, Vision, Values


We commit to ensuring high levels of learning for ALL students.


To achieve our mission, we embrace the following norms:

​Our school environment…

Is physically, mentally and emotionally safe for ALL.

Is organized to support learning for ALL. Is stimulating to support creativity.

Is supportive in empowering ALL learners.

​Our instructional practice in every classroom includes...

Students elaborate and interact with new knowledge.

Students reflect on their learning process.

Students engage in cognitively complex tasks, involving the generating and testing of hypotheses.

Students receive clear learning goals and scales to measure their growth

Students and teachers celebrate student successes.

Commitments to Our STEAM Community

Through the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics we commit to facilitate learning experiences to support 21st century skills to prepare our students for college, career and life.

We commit to the following…

Students developing a growth mind-set and perseverance.

Students developing problem solving skills.

Students engaging in learning experiences relevant to real-life.

Students engaging in inquiry based learning experiences (hands on, learning by doing).

Students engaging in collaborative exploration processes.