Student Data Confirmation

The Data Confirmation Process is completed by families at the beginning of each school year through the Aeries Parent Portal. The purpose is to ensure that your child's school has the most up to date information in case of an emergency and that you have received all required beginning of the school year documentation. Sylvan District no longer sends home packets for families to complete. This process replaces the packets.

To start the Process, please log into your Aeries Parent Portal account.

If you do not have this Student Data Confirmation Process complete by August 7th, your child's teacher's name will not be viewable to you.

You can complete this process on a mobile device by downloading the Aeries Mobile app.

See the bottom of this page for instructions to download the app.

At the home screen you will be prompted to complete the Student Data Confirmation Process. Select the ‘Click Here’ link to continue. You can also go to Student Info → Data Confirmation.

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After you "Click Here" on the link above you will get the first tab for Family Information.

Family Information picture

1) Family Information: Please answer both sections and click Confirm and Continue to move to the next tab.

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Residence Survey Information

2) Student: You will view the current information that we have on record for your child.

If a change is needed select CHANGE at the bottom of the screen. After making any changes select SAVE. If no changes are needed, simply click on Confirm and Continue.

ADDRESS CHANGE: If you have an address change please make sure you provide proof of residency to the office.

This is a sample of what you will see:

Confirm and Continue Photo
Address Changing Diagram

3) Contacts: To make a change select the contact name from the list, then select ‘Change’. After the changes are completed select ‘Save’.

To add a new contact select ‘Add’, enter the information for the new contact then select ‘Save’.

To delete a contact, select the name from the list on the left then select ‘Delete’.

When you have finished making changes to the contacts select Confirm and Continue to go to the next tab.

Make changes & Save button photo

  • Please update parent/guardian contact information AND additional emergency contact who you authorize to be notified and/or released to in an event of an emergency.
  • Be sure each parent is listed and identified as a parent/guardian in the “CODE” field. Parent/Guardian “Cell Phone” numbers will be contacted via Text Message in the event of an important notification.
  • Please also include a contact who resides out of the area or state for communication purposes in the event of a local area emergency.
  • Include contact phone numbers for the student’s physician.
  • Some contacts may be listed and coded as “Do No Contact”. Please do not delete those individuals. This record is for informational purposes only for the school and is validated by documentation on file.
  • NOTE: If you CHANGE the name listed on a contact it will NOT reflect on the "Contact List" here until the next time you log in but you will see the change in the contact details.
  • There may be some records that are not viewable/editable due to legal documentation on record at the school.

"Confirm and Continue" button photo

4) Medical History: Please update your student’s medical history information.

To remove an existing record, select ‘No Longer Applies’, enter comments and then click ‘Save’

"Medical History" Update photo

To add any additional conditions click on the appropriate checkbox for the Medical Condition. Today’s date will be used as the Effective Date but can be updated. Enter the comments and Click "Save". After all Medical History has been updated click on "Confirm" and Continue.

"Confirm and Continue" button photo

5) Documents: The Documents screen will provide various documents that you will need to review, confirm and/or download. By clicking the box to "confirm", you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the information contained in each document. After you have downloaded the document click on the check box.

**All documents are located on the Sylvan District Website under Parents: Forms & Guides.

Click on "Confirm" and Continue to go to the next tab.

NOTE: Some documents must be downloaded to be able to complete the next section on Authorizations.

6) Authorizations: After all Authorizations have been updated click "Save". Then click Confirm and Continue to go to the next final tab.

For each authorization you must respond by checking the appropriate box. When you have completed addressing each authorization, click the "Save" button located at the bottom of the screen.

7) Final Data Confirmation: The Final Data Confirmation screen requires you to confirm that all information on the tabs are correct. If they are correct click "Finish and Submit". If they are not, make the appropriate changes, return to the Final Data Confirmation tab. You will receive this message once you Finish and Submit your information.

If you have another child in Sylvan District, you will go through the data confirmation process again. To change to another student click the “Change Student” tab then select your child’s name.

All the documents provided in the data confirmation process are available on our district website ( under Parents - Forms & Guides. Hard copies are available at each school office.

Thank you for using the Data Confirmation process. We appreciate you taking the time to ensure that we have the most up to date information about your child.

The information you have submitted will be reviewed by the school office staff. They will confirm any data changed and contact you if they have any questions.

If you have any questions, please contact your school office.

Thank you

Password resetting button photo

What if I forgot my Aeries Parent Portal password?

Go to the Sylvan Union School District Aeries Parent/Student Portal website.

Click on "Forgot Password?"

Provide your email address and click "next".

You will receive an email. Follow the instructions in the email.

Need help? Please contact Crossroads at 869-2100.

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