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If the Oak Tree Could Talk

By Gina Indelicato 


200 years ago I was as small as you

It’s hard to believe but trust me it’s true

I have grown taller and stronger year after year

If I could talk to you here’s what you’d hear.


It was lonely growing up in this valley

The season’s changing each year all around me

One day, what is this, a man under my leaves

Enjoying the shade and the slight delta breeze


Stockard Coffee that was the man’s name

And from then on my life was never the same

He saw potential in the land it did seem

And I was the center of his lifelong dream.


A house, a garden, and acreage to till

I watched his man who never seemed to stand still

Family, friends and lots of children laughing

But alas things change and time keeps passing


To the heart of the city Stockard did go

The first councilman he became of Modesto

As generations did pass I grew stronger and tall

The something happened in 1975’s cold fall


A school was open for children and a small faculty

And they named it after my friend Stockard Coffee

Under my limbs did the children image and play

I became truly happy on that November 14th day


40 years later I still watch from above

My limbs stretched out wide to feel the love

Of many teachers and children who have passed my way

What a lovely life I look forward to each day