Leaves of Absence

Sylvan Union School District Leaves of Absences FAQ

Our district offers leave benefits that allow our employees to take time off from work for various reasons. Leave benefits---whether paid, unpaid or partially paid---are generally an agreement between the employer and employee, or the employee union.

Information can be found in the Collective Bargaining Agreements for CSEA and SEA on Leaves, Article 6. Eligibility requirements are established in the contracts as well as by federal and state laws. Board policy 4161/4261 (a) also outlines Personnel Leaves for our district.

All employees are encouraged to contact the Human Resources Department with requests and questions about Leaves.
Terms to Know:
PDLA: Pregnancy Disability Leave Act Leave available while disabled by pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition.

FMLA: Family Medical Leave Act Leave available to eligible employees to take up to 12 workweeks of leave for their own serious health conditions, child care, specified family member’s serious health conditions, or for reasons related to a family member’s military

CFRA: California Family Rights Act Leave available up to 12 workweeks after the birth of the child or placement of a child with the family for adoption or foster care, only within the first 12 months after birth or placement of the child. AB 375 (certificated staff) and AB 2393 (classified staff) provide “baby bonding” and are covered under CFRA. 
Other leaves, such as bereavement, catastrophic, personal necessity and jury duty are listed and described in both the CSEA and SEA contracts in article 6. 
For leaves of absence, all employees must utilize all available accrued time (sick leave etc) before utilizing substitute differential (partial) pay.