Student / Parent Equipment Use Agreement

Sylvan USD is excited to provide the opportunity for our students to take home a digital device for learning. This Equipment Use Agreement outlines responsibilities for both the student and parent.  There is also the process for reporting damages or loss. Students must follow the Sylvan District Technology Resources Responsible Use Agreement. 
Student Code of Conduct for Technology
  1. The student will log in the school-issued device using the district-issued login credentials.  
  2. The student will never share login information with others, including username and passwords, for any school accounts unless requested by a school administrator.  
  3. Electronic files sent, received, viewed or stored anywhere in the computer system are available for review by any authorized Sylvan USD staff for any purpose. 
  4. Modifying or changing device settings and /or internal or external configurations without appropriate permission is prohibited. 
  5. Never put a sticker on the device with login or personal information.  
  6. Using obscene, threatening or disrespectful language in any electronic communication tool is prohibited. 
  7. I will not give the device or AC adapter to another student for his/her use.
Disclaimer. While SUSD uses technology protection measures to limit access to material considered harmful or inappropriate to students, it may not be possible for the District to absolutely prevent such access. Despite our best efforts and beyond the limits of filtering technology, a student may run across some material that is objectionable. Sylvan USD has a 3-layer approach when students are using the Internet. The device is automatically routed through SUSD’s filter for appropriate content which provides the first layer. The second layer is the monitoring by an adult, and the third layer is where the student should use their digital citizenship skills when using a device. 
Responsible Use and Care of Technology
  1. The device and AC adapter are to be treated as a valuable object. Neither should be thrown, purposely dropped, or abused. Neither item will ever be placed on the roof or hood of a car, on the sidewalk or street, or imperiled in any way that may cause it to be crushed or thrown to the ground. 
  2. The device and AC adapter will never be left unattended in a vehicle, on a school bus, in the cafeteria, in the gym or any other public place. 
  3. The device and AC adapter will not be used in or near proximity of water, household chemicals, or other liquids that could damage its electronic components. 
  4. The device and AC adapter will be protected from the environment such as rain, snow, ice, excessive heat, and/or cold. 
  5. Pencils, pen tips, and other pointed objects will never be used on the screen. 
  6. The student will not place stickers on the device or AC adapter.  
  7. The device and AC adapter will be kept away from siblings and pets at all times. 
  8. Parents and students agree to return the device and all components to the school in the same condition the device was issued to the student. 
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities and Permission 
  • I am authorizing the assignment of a mobile device to my child. 
  • I understand that the device is to be used as a tool for learning and that my child will comply with the District Technology Resources Responsible Use Agreement. 
  • I understand the three-layer approach when my child is using the device. 
  • I will help ensure the safe and timely return of the device within the loan period. 
  • I understand that I am financially responsible for any willful, malicious, or accidental damage to the device. 

Note: The device will be assessed for damages and charges created by the Technology Department, which can take up to 8 weeks, at which time a bill will be created and attached to the student’s account.

Student Responsibilities and Permission 
  • I will use the device in the appropriate manner. I agree to return the device in good condition at the conclusion of the loan period. 
  • I understand the District Technology Resource Responsible Use Agreement and the Student/Parent Equipment Use Agreement.  
  • I understand that the adult providing the electronic signature is signing for me that I  understand my responsibilities listed on the two Agreements.   
When students check out devices a family member will provide an electronic signature agreeing to the above.  It is understood that an electronic signature has the same legal effect and can be enforced in the same way as a written signature.