Bobcat Time

Bobcat Time has been created to support our students academic progress. As a site, our staff has recognized the need for interventions to help students succeed as they are learning new content. We recognize that many families have outside obligations and that our students need the academic support from their teachers. To help with both: families spending quality time, constrained schedules at home and the students while they are at school -- we have created a 30-minute intervention time DURING THE SCHOOL DAY on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Second Step

Advisory Time has been created to support our entire site: students, staff, and to eventually include community. As a District and Site, we saw a need for our students to better practice social- emotional skills. This adopted program focuses on "developing meaningful relationships and serving students through social and emotional skills, character development, community building, cultivating growth mindsets, and more."

Click this link to learn more: Second Step - Middle School